Thursday, February 16, 2017

no. 133 {heart FELT expressions - be your best}

Waking up to a slightly cooler day and so very thankful for that.  For those who have seen a lot of very cold and snowy weather this winter, you may be ready for warmer days.  For me, anything below seventy is a reason to celebrate before the humidity and heat set in for the year.

Yesterday, as the non-producing rain clouds blew through (sad face), we headed out to the archery range for the fifth week in a row.  For the past couple of years I have been in search of a sport that my boys would attach to.  We have tried martial arts, soccer, tennis, swimming, baseball, and, the most recent, fencing.  So we went to the next on the list which happened to be archery.

On our first day, the coach said something very important to them.  "It is about doing your best. It will come naturally to you."  Boy, was she right!  For the first time I saw smiles on their faces unlike any other.  They weren't competing with each other, or feeling intimidated by the professional competitors that were shooting beside them, they were truly striving for their best. 

Created this felt wreath this morning before digging into the days work.  Will be sharing it in my next DIY recipe on Monday. 

Wishing you a fabulous day of being your best!

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  1. What a sweet wreath, love the pretty little blooms! Good for your boys, so happy they enjoyed their fencing lesson!