Friday, August 8, 2014

like mother, like daughter...

It has been said for years and it is true.  Like mother, like daughter.  The past week was spent strolling around a craft store, putting our heads together to come up with a type of flower that we have yet to  try.  This creative journey brought us to this point...needle felting.  Have you tried it yet?  The white and yellow flower above is one that came out of this experiment, others didn't fair as well.

Our attempts began with wet felting, gathering supplies we could find around the house.  This method was not as successful, although I am sure with time we could have walked away with something useable.  The next attempt required another trip to the store where we picked up a some needle felting supplies, these you cannot find around your house so easily.

With the lack of supplies to share, we took turns with the needle, felt and pad.  As many forums state, there is something therapeutic about this process of poking a needle back and forth through the layers of felt fibers and pad.  Only a few jabs of the finger later the felting technique was in full swing and a few flowers came out successful. 

My mother and I can now check that box off and continue adding it to our projects.  Along the way we laughed, shared ideas and realized these simple moments are what makes life so amazing.  Thank you mom for such fun times!

Recently had a request to recreate one of these pincushions so thought why not recreate three.  All a little different, using tiny scraps of fabric, felt and working on my embroidery skills.

Have a wonderful weekend!  Will be back on Sunday with some Precious Remembrance.  A little sneak peek...


  1. OMGoodness how CUTE are these!! Sounds like lots of fun with your mom Andrea, have a great weekend!

  2. Oh how pretty!!!:) LOVE these projects!!!:)

  3. you're back! I missed you!! Love it