Thursday, July 24, 2014

the quiet house...

As the days pass by in this quiet house of mine there are somethings that are not in short supply.  Boxes of crafty things filling my dining room table.  Checked out library books stacked high on my side table ready for me to dig right in and learn.  A kitty who does not like me sitting alone at the computer.  A puppy who needs his cuddle and play time like clock work.  In one week I will have a house filled with the chitter chatter of boys playing, fighting (like brothers do) and being mommy on duty.  Until then, time to tend to those things that fill my house at the moment.  Spending the day creating new, learning new techniques and experimenting with different materials.  Why not.

Stumbled across this tin in one of my crafty bins the other day along with the apple chipboard piece.  Dressed in up, stamped and stitched it all together to create a gift tin.  Found the top half of a tiny tin, inset into the apple and created a small shaker.  Fun to piece together.

Enjoy your day.  Will share one of my new stitching projects soon.

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  1. This is adorable, what a great little teacher gift it would make!