Tuesday, July 22, 2014

soaking up the summer days...

Call it a vacation, call it a break, either way I have been kid free for the past couple of weeks as our family gets in lots of fun NW adventures with our boys.  As I spend my days elbow deep in cleaning, quilting and just hanging out with the hubby...I miss them.  A little over a week to go and that means I better get all of my to-do list items checked off.  I did: start on my quilt, work on my brave girls club project (a bunch), clean out all of those toy bins and closets that were overdue (not easy when the kids don't part with much), clear out the garden pots, watch anything and everything I could have ever imagined I would want to watch and spent many hours talking to my hubby without talking over kids.  But...I am ready for the noise in my house again.  Enough mommy break.  So as I get to my daily project one thing that I forgot to get to last week...the drawing!  Congratulations...Margie.  Contact me at creativepapertrail@hotmail.com so I can send you your goodies. 



  1. Enjoy a little down time Andrea, the chitter chatter and pitter patter will be back soon!