Saturday, February 25, 2017

no. 138 {CRITTER art: pom-pom penguin preview}

Sharing pom-pom love with this little penguin this morning to send us into the weekend.  Getting things ready to share the next DIY recipe in the coming week.  Time to gather your yarn and join in the pom-pom making fun.

Friday, February 24, 2017

no. 137 (heart FELT expressions: smile}

Happy Friday fellow crafters! 

It is a day of some outdoor adventures for us here, taking in some sunshine and hoping for many smiles along the way.  Keeping it short this morning as it is one of those days to get up and go.  Time to put the tennis shoes on and be ready for anything. 

Let's get it started...

Thursday, February 23, 2017

no. 136 {DIY recipe: felt embellished wreath}

The sun is slightly shining, looking forward to a few hours of quiet, kid free time this morning, and ready to share the next installment of the DIY Recipe.  Let's get started!
Last week I shared this heart FELT expression with you and thought it would make for the perfect DIY breakdown.  Realizing that not everyone has a sewing machine or die cuts, this recipe can be altered to best use the supplies you may.  The variations are as follows:

1.  Instead of sewing the three overlapping circles try drawing, stamping, or even gluing thread to the paper to create the base of your wreath.

2.  If you don't have a die cut for the tiny leaves just take your scissors and cut away at some felt.  This is a very simple cut.  Two arches and your are done.

Now, time to make a embellished wreath of your very own!  What technique will you use?

Happy crafting!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

no. 135 {heart FELT expressions: open your heart}

Taking a few days to celebrate my oldest becoming a teenager.  I will be back soon when the sun is shining, my schedule is open to creative moments and the celebration has died down.  A new DIY recipe to share hopefully by Friday! 

Friday, February 17, 2017

no. 134 {CRITTER art: raccoon}

Going into this weekend with a few items on my wish list.  I have high hopes that my energy level will peak any moment and things will start getting done.  Debating on that second cup of coffee today.  And as I go about the cleaning, the painting of a bathroom, the playing with the family, this little guy sits waiting to be finished.  It is like he is watching me pass back and forth through the dining area with his little felt eyes.  He grabbed my attention just enough today to snap a photo or two to share.  The time will come, my hands will be busy with crafting supplies at some point this weekend, maybe when we all scatter to our corner of the house for some quiet time.

See you Monday for another DIY recipe!  Can't wait to share more.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

no. 133 {heart FELT expressions - be your best}

Waking up to a slightly cooler day and so very thankful for that.  For those who have seen a lot of very cold and snowy weather this winter, you may be ready for warmer days.  For me, anything below seventy is a reason to celebrate before the humidity and heat set in for the year.

Yesterday, as the non-producing rain clouds blew through (sad face), we headed out to the archery range for the fifth week in a row.  For the past couple of years I have been in search of a sport that my boys would attach to.  We have tried martial arts, soccer, tennis, swimming, baseball, and, the most recent, fencing.  So we went to the next on the list which happened to be archery.

On our first day, the coach said something very important to them.  "It is about doing your best. It will come naturally to you."  Boy, was she right!  For the first time I saw smiles on their faces unlike any other.  They weren't competing with each other, or feeling intimidated by the professional competitors that were shooting beside them, they were truly striving for their best. 

Created this felt wreath this morning before digging into the days work.  Will be sharing it in my next DIY recipe on Monday. 

Wishing you a fabulous day of being your best!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

no. 132 {WOOD art - blue skies}

The sky is a bit dark and cloud covered this morning, but it was a mix of beautiful shades of blue yesterday.  Strange to say, but I welcome the clouds here in the warm and usually sunny state of Florida.  Now if it could produce a bit of rain that may make for the perfect day.  Being that I spent most of my life in a city that is known for the most rainfall I miss it at times. There is something so comforting, cozy, relaxing watching and listening to rain drops pitter-patter against the windows.

Whether it decides to rain or not today, there are things to be done, places to go, and (at the moment) coffee to be sipped on.  After all is said and done today, may be a good time to finish up the raccoon felt piece I have been working on.  It is currently without eyes, one of the more difficult pieces to place on these critters.  Too far in they are cross-eyed and too far out they no longer resemble eyes. If I happen to find the right placement I will share her tomorrow.